February 10, 2021

What: X-FLEX 5th General Meeting

Where: Online

When: 9th February 2021

On February 9th the X-FLEX consortium gathered for their first General Meeting of 2021. The meeting was held online. In this session, each involved partner presented their current status in the development phase of the project. Most of the installations in the pilot sites have been finalised and are ready to deploy the first testing version of X-FLEX tools.

On LEST’s side, Assoc. prof. Andrej Gubina, Ms. Chloé Fournely, Mr. Matej Pečjak, and Mr. Edin Lakić attended the meeting.

Ms. Chloé Fournely came back on the possible technical and managerial risks and their monitoring during this COVID period. She also presented the final version of KPIs which will be used to assess the project’s success. The publication of those KPIs should be available soon on the X-FLEX website.

Mr. Matej Pečjak then described our progress in the modelling of two of the electrical networks which are part of the project. This modelling will be used for long-term planning of the grid with high penetration of flexible sources.

Finally, Ms. Chloé Fournely presented the updates on the design of the MarketFlex tool, which LEST is responsible for, as well as the value analysis tool which will evaluate the value of MARKETFLEX.

Overall, the meeting was successful and the development of X-FLEX tools is shaping up nicely. First on-site tests are expected in summer 2021.

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