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Hosting @3DiVERSE22 consortium at @FELjubljana!

📘 Just released: "Transformation of the Šaleška Valley Heating System" brochure - a guide through our region's energy transition. 🌍 #ŠaleškaValley #SustainableFuture


Grateful for the fantastic tour at @AutomobiliRimac, Zagreb with #STREAM! 🌟 Witnessed the Nevera's awe-inspiring 23 performance records. 🏁 Truly a leader in electric innovation. ⚡️

“The best way to

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Abraham Lincoln

is to create it.”

The Laboratory of Energy Policy (LEST) operates since 2000 within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, under the supervision of Tomi Medved, PhD.

Smart grids
Power system economics
Energy policy
Energy markets
Energy solutions
Energy efficiency
10research projects
7ongoing EU projects
7industrial projects
6international events

The Laboratory meets the challenges by combining expertise and practical skills gained in several projects. We focus mainly on international cooperation and monitoring the latest developments in the field of technology.

We are active in many international scientific research projects, where we have the opportunity to work with educational, research and industrial partners from Europe and around the world. We are currently actively involved in EU projects within Horizon 2020.

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Marie Curie

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