October 18, 2021

Jasmin Pfleger joined LEST in October 2021 for a six-month internship.

Jasmin comes from Austria and is currently studying in the Master’s Programme Biorefinery Engineering at the Graz University of Technology (TU Graz) with a focus on Energy Utilization, where the integration of biorefineries, bio-based materials and sustainability plays a key role.

During her internship she will be working on her master’s thesis with the topic „Cooperative trading strategies for flexibility in the distribution system“ in collaboration with LEST in the scope of the REScoopVPP project. She will be supervised by Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gubina, senior researcher Tomi Medved, PhD, and researcher Jernej Zupančič. Her goal is to design a simulation program to model different forms of flexibilities in the distribution system, their use cases and possible revenue creation opportunities for all parties involved. The model will be verified through the application of various real data sets.