4th General meeting in Zagreb

February 21, 2024

What: STREAM 4th general meeting 

Where: Zagreb, Croatia

When: 13 -14 February 2024 

The 4th STREAM General Meeting took place in Zagreb, Croatia, from the 13th to the 14th of February. The consortium convened to review the work completed by each partner, assess the current status of the project, discuss potential challenges, and establish a roadmap for the next six months.

The first day was allocated for comprehensive presentations on all work packages, followed by detailed discussions. On the second day, participants had the unique opportunity to step outside the meeting venue and visit the Rimac factory. The guided tour provided an up-close look at the advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship that goes into creating the Nevera, Rimac Automobili’s world-renowned electric hypercar. Renowned for its speed and performance records, the Nevera is a testament to the enormous potential of electric power and positions Rimac Automobili as a pivotal player in the electric vehicle revolution.

Following the factory tour, a workshop was conducted, focusing on the ongoing tasks related to the four pilot sites in Slovenia, Finland, Spain, and Italy and on the ongoing reports for the European Commission. The meeting concluded with a session at Avant Car Croatia’s premises, where the team presented detailed insights into their Car Sharing (CS) system, electric vehicle (EV) charging processes, and operational management. The discussions also addressed people-centric needs, an important topic in the STREAM project.

The two days spent in Zagreb proved to be extremely valuable, fostering collaboration and setting the stage for future activities within the project. The meeting was attended by Tomi Medved, Jan Jeriha, Tamara Smolej and Janez Gregor Golja as coordinators of the STREAM project from the laboratory. Special thanks to Avant Car for their exemplary organization of the meeting and for providing a firsthand experience of their Avant2Go service.