Invited lecture: From wholesale electricity trading to retail market

Invited lecturer: Borut Kozan, PhD, Head of Energy Product Development, Petrol d.d.

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About LEST

What do we do?

The Laboratory of Energy Policy (LEST) operates within the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. Our research work covers the following areas:

  • Electricity Markets
  • Power System Planning
  • Power Generation
  • Energy Policy Design
  • Renewable Energy Sources Implementation

The Laboratory meets the challenges by combining expertise and practical skills gained in a number of projects. Students can upgrade their level of expertise in postgraduate studies, working on their bachelor, master and doctoral thesis as well as participating in seminars, workshops and international research projects of the Institution.

Scientific work follows the principle of effectiveness and applicability of the scientific methods. Not only do we have the research published in scientific publications on a regular basis, we also participate in scientific and expert conferences worldwide.