May 26, 2021

What: X-FLEX 6th General Meeting

Where: Online

When: 25th May 2021

On Tuesday, 25th May, the X-FLEX consortium gathered for the 6th General Meeting since the beginning of the project to present the advancement in the development of the X-FLEX tools. The project has entered its development phase in March 2021 and the first simulations are already showing promising results.

The main responsibilities of LEST currently include the development of demand and production forecasting and power flow modules as well as the development of the MARKETFLEX tool which is going to propose a local flexibility market in the energy community of Luče.

From the LEST lab, Ms. Chloe Fournely, Mr. Matej Pečjak and Mr. Edin Lakić attended the meeting and presented the progress of the tasks we are managing:

  • Monitoring of risks,
  • Long-term grid planning,
  • Methodology for Value Analysis of new market mechanisms,
  • Design and development of MARKETFLEX tool.

Following the hard-working past months, the first version of the algorithms has been designed and lab tests just started. The lab tests will be continuing during the summer and results will be published in the deliverables coming out in September 2021.

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