Foreign exchange
Jeanne Saint Omer, France

Ense3, Grenoble Institute of Technology, France

June - August 2021

Modeling and research related to flexible energy sources

So many memories :)

Jeanne Saint Omer, France

Taking part in the LEST team as an intern for 10 weeks was a real opportunity for me. It resulted in an amazing experience and a lot of memories to bring back home. During my internship, I was taking part in the X-FLEX project and working on the grid planning tool. I also worked on the impact of Electric Vehicles on the grid with the supervision of Matek Pečjak and my mentor Jernej Zupančič. I was able to have a better understanding of the grid behavior and to learn a lot about flexibility and local energy communities.

I am thankful to the whole LEST team for their welcome, support and sharing all along these 10 weeks. It was a real pleasure to come to the office every day, I had a lot of a great time.

Living in Ljubljana was another wonderful experience: the city is so lovely, calm and peaceful. I felt so comfortable living there. More generally, Slovenia is a beautiful and charming country with a lot of different places to discover (mountains, lakes, sea, …) as well as friendly people. I will come back there for sure!

Amazing experience
and a lot of memories
to bring back home.