The Analysis of the effects of Green Public Procurement in Slovenia

June 9, 2022

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the entry into force of the Regulation on Green Public Procurement  (GPP) in Slovenia. As part of the LIFE IP CARE4CLIMATE project, the team is working to increase the share of green public procurement, and the Laboratory of Energy Policy, in cooperation with Austrian partners CONPLUSULTRA, prepared for the Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning a comprehensive analysis of the environmental, economic and social impacts of green public procurement.

The analysis was presented publicly in June at the House of EU in Ljubljana by our colleague Senior Researcher Edin Lakić.  The methodology used to carry out the analysis, which had been previously tested in a pilot analysis on a limited set of public procurement contracts, was presented.

The aim was to establish the baselines needed to monitor the impacts of GPPs, in particular in terms of greenhouse, gas emissions and environmental, social and economic impacts. The project focused on selected subjects, namely electrical and electronic appliances (computers, refrigerators, dishwashers, water heaters), vehicles and the design and/or construction of buildings. A methodology has been established to measure a total of 18 impacts (5 economic, 5 environmental, and 8 social), which is highly replicable for other public procurement subjects and countries.

The results of the study are very interesting and encouraging, as it was shown that the procurement of more energy-efficient appliances, vehicles and other subjects leads to significant savings in electricity and water, which also has a positive impact in terms of financial savings, while also leading to a reduction in GHG, enhancing competition and providing new business opportunities.

In the light of the coming changes and rising energy costs, Green Public Procurement will become very important in the future!

For more details on the results and findings of the analysis, please refer to the document and presentation.