Start of the Consumer surveys in CONSEED

December 6, 2017

What: Start of the Consumer surveys in CONSEED

Where: Slovenia

When: December 2017 to January 2018

Following the qualitative data collected in the focus groups, CONSEED project will run 11 consumer surveys across each of the household, services, agricultural and industrial sectors. The aim of these surveys is to collect quantitative data on the consumer decision making processes in order to populate the theoretical models with data from real consumers in each sector.

In Slovenia two Consumer surveys has already started – one for the households (property) and one for the industry sector. The surveys are being executed in collaboration with Slovenian survey company ARAGON d.o.o.

On this occasion we would invite interested industrial partners to take a couple of minutes of their time and to complete the survey. To access the survey, please contact where you will receive all the necessary information.