RESCOOP VPP 10th Consortium Meeting

June 19, 2023

What: RESCOOP VPP 10th Consortium Meeting

Where: Paris, France

When:  13. – 14. June 2023

The RESCOOP VPP consortium partners from 7 EU countries gathered in Paris, where Enercoop hosted the 10th consortium meeting to discuss latest developments and define the next steps on the finish line of the project.

The large scale pilots from Belgium, Spain, France, Germany and UK presented latest achievements on control and utilization of the household flexible assets. They are being controlled recently updated COFYbox and accompanying online interface, which enables end users, retailers and aggregators to monitor, control and utilize household flexibility.

From Laboratory of Energy Policy, UL, Jernej Zupančič presented analysis of multi perspective flexibility potential in the distribution systems. Benefits of the household flexible assets from end user’s, DSO’s and Aggregator’s perspective were investigated together with impact on the local grid and broader market operation business.

As the project is in the last phase, the future potential of developed solutions and services were discussed in market uptake discussion. Follow us @LESTLab and ©REScoopVPP for updates on future events and project’s final event!