X-FLEX Final review meeting

December 1, 2023

What: X-FLEX Final review meeting

Where: Valencia, Spain

When: 23rd of November 2023

The X-FLEX project concluded successfully last month. At LEST, we are pleased to have effectively demonstrated our newly developed market platform MARKETFLEX designed to enhance the capabilities of DSOs in managing their networks and contributing to the future of electricity.

This platform achieves this by:

  • aggregating small-scale flexibility from sources like electric vehicles or heat pumps to provide flexibility services to the Transmission System Operator
  • allowing DSOs to procure flexibility services for congestion management and voltage control 

The MARKETFLEX functionalities were demonstrated across four pilot sites. In particular, the combined potential of EVs, batteries, and local PV generation showed how local communities can achieve high self-sufficiency and resilience to sustain themselves off-grid in case of extreme events. During the project’s lifespan, MARKETFLEX processed over 8000 bids, making it a robust proof of concept. We will continue developing and enhancing this tool in upcoming projects like STREAM, where additional testing will bring it closer to market readiness.