Grid Innovators: Empowering Engineers to Revolutionize Energy Transition

February 20, 2024

What: Invited Lecture Grid Innovators: Empowering Engineers to Revolutionize Energy Transition

Where: Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana

When: 19th February 2024

On Monday, February 19th, an invited lecture on “Innovations in the Network: Engineers have the Power to Revolutionize Energy” took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. The event was organized by IEEE PES Slovenija and CIGRE-CIRED Slovenija. The main speakers, Nenad Uzelac, CIGRE A3 chair, G&W Electric, and John Gounaris, G&W Electric, led us through lively and interactive presentations, prompting real-time questions and discussions.

The energy field is in an exceptionally dynamic and diverse period, encompassing various sectors, which demands connection, understanding, and integration. Being an engineer requires a broad perspective on the subject matter, the ability to work thematically, and continuous education, which means staying up to date.

The energy grid is a complex system; hence the energy transition is complex as well. Through discussion, asking the right questions, and making connections, we can effectively address the challenges that arise. Engineers play a crucial role in the energy transition due to their knowledge and active presence. This transition encompasses a wide range of aspects, including technical, regulatory, and political considerations. Additionally, it is closely linked to the concept of circular economy, standards, business operations, and marketing.