July 2, 2020

What: Internship – Chloé Gaignard, Grenoble INP ENSE3, France

Where: Remote – teleworking

When: June – August 2020

Ms. Chloé Gaignard is a French student from Grenoble INP ENSE3 engineer school which focuses on energy, water and environmental sciences. She completed her second year and started working with the LEST team in June 2020. Her internship is remote and is organised as a teleworking from France.

Collaboration, which will last for 10 weeks, is dedicated to the COMPILE project and supervised by Assoc. Prof. Andrej Gubina and researcher Ms. Chloé Fournely. In the first phase, she will get familiar with the project and start studying the different approaches of the research which will lead her to the main subject of her internship – “Comparative analysis of different forecasting techniques for PV production and buildings consumption”.