Zlatibor, Serbia,
October 6, 2021

What: CROSSBOW Special Session

Where: CIGRE Serbia

When: 5th October 2021


From 4th – 8th October 2021, UL representatives and LEST team members Edin Lakić and Jan Jerihaparticipated on the 35th conference CIGRE Srbija 2021. CIGRE represents a global community established in 1921 in Paris, France committed to the collaborative development and sharing of power system expertise.

LEST team members participated on the CROSSBOW Special Session where the presentation titled Cross-border Balancing energy market platform (mFRR) was held. The latest advancements related to the product System market platform for mFRR about the functional and technical innovation, as well as the benefits of such solutions were presented.

In addition to UL, CROSSBOW Special Session included experts from University of Manchester, TSO from Croatia – HOPS, TSO from Montenegro – CGES and Security Coordination Centre – SCC.