COMPILE project came to an end

November 8, 2022

After 48 months of hard work, COMPILE project came to an end. Before the project’s official conclusion, the consortium of 13 partners met in Athens for the 9th project meeting to review the results and discuss future collaboration.

We are very honoured that we had the opportunity to coordinate such a pleasant team. Working with all partners was productive, inspiring, cooperative, and also enjoyable, and creative. From the start of the project to the last day of it, everyone in the consortium put in a lot of work. The project was supposed to last 42 months, but because of the COVID-19 global crisis, it was extended and ended up lasting 48 months.

All the project’s activities were completed successfully. The main takeaways are summarised as follows:

  • 5 productive pilot sites have been successfully established/upgraded by the project,
  • 4 technical tools, 2 support tools and the Maturity Scale framework were built with the goal of accelerating the EnC creation
  • 51 deliverables were successfully submitted during the project,
  • More than 120 events were organised with 5,000 people reached.
  • 3 prizes and awards were received, and we are honoured that different juries recognized our hard work,
  • high quality of dissemination and communication activities including 6 brochures, 10 videos, 8 newsletters and more that 60 press releases.

You can find more about our most significant accomplishments by visiting our website, which was redesigned at the end of the project.

We would like to thank you for exchanging ideas, gathering, working with us, and keeping tabs on our progress. The consortium will continue to work after the end of the project and share the lessons learnt. Good practices will be applied in the new projects that will follow. As a good start to promoting EnCs, together with RESC, we launched The Energy Community Platform in the last two months of the project. A new website gathers tools and resources to help citizens move forward and track the progress with their EnC.