3rd 3Diverse general meeting

October 23, 2023

What: 3DIVERSE 3rd General Meeting

Where: Velenje, Slovenia

When: 17th of October 2023

The 3Diverse partners have met on the 17th of October in Velenje, Slovenia at the 3rd General meeting hosted by the project coordinator KSSENA. Progress made on the 3Diverse over the first year has been discussed in detail and the comprehensive work plan for the forthcoming quarters has been set.

The meeting started with a brief presentation by the Project Coordinator Nejc Jurko and continued with a comprehensive discussion on the current status of Work Package 2 titled Defossilized and Efficient District Heating System with Prosumers by project partners Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and KPV. Afterwards, KolektorSetup presented updates on Work Package 3: Power Energy Systems and Mobility and KSSENA presented Work package 5: Advanced investment schemes and innovative financing mechanisms.

The meeting wrapped up with two related presentations of the last work packages Dissemination and Communication and Sustainability, replication and exploitation of project results by our members Tamara Smolej and Katarina Kern.

The 3Diverse Consortium remains committed to advancing sustainable and efficient energy solutions and is excited to continue its collaborative efforts in the upcoming project phases.