APRAISE Summer School

What: APRAISE Summer School

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: 25.-29. 8. 2014

The APRAISE Summer School for postgraduate students and Bologna Master students, took place between the 25th – 29th of August 2014 in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and was hosted by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana. The APRAISE Summer School enabled students to exchange experiences and ideas and to get new knowledge on different topics derived from the project itself. As part of the Summer School students also got the opportunity to use Vensim software, which is used in analysing various aspects of environmental laws and assessing their performance.

Benefits of participating in the APRAISE Summer School included:

  • Thorough learning regarding policy making for better environment, through the understanding of real life situations where multiple policies exist and where people and organizations respond differently to policy instruments,
  • Familiarization in the assessment of environmental policy instruments individually and in conjunction with each other with a focus on enhanced effectiveness and efficiency of these instruments,
  • Experience gaining in using tools for policy analysis (modelling, identifying and analyzing policy context factors, policy cycle analysis, market mapping, etc.).