LEST on IRENA workshop

June 12, 2019

What: Workshop on South East Europe realising the full potential of energy transition

Where: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

When: 11. 6. – 12. 6. 2019

Head of the LEST lab, Assoc. Prof. Andrej F. Gubina was a part of the regional workshop, hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Workshop aimed at increasing potential and local capacities of the renewables and their affordability.

It also featured IRENA‘s Renewable Energy Market Analysis for South East Europe, as well as consultations on the REmap CESEC interim results.

Participants from governments, industry, academia and other international institutions discussed impact of falling cost of the technology, maximization of benefits of Renewables in SEE region, results of REmap CESEC and role of IRENA in South East Europe in 2020-2021 Work programme.

Assoc. Prof. Andrej F. Gubina presented options on using waste to produce energy. He presented the Regional Centre for Waste Treatment and Recovery (RCERO)  in Ljubljana.