Lecale STORY demo site update

January 4, 2018

What: Compressed air storage implemented at STORY demo site

Where: Lecale, Northern Ireland

When: 29.12. 2017


In STORY project, we have several demonstrations sites, where pilot implementation of storage technologies will take place. One of them, Lecale, is a semi-rural area in south-east of Northern Ireland. In the region, multiple Renewable energy sources technologies are installed. Photo-voltaic installation of 500 kW is present at micro-grid location, together with 2 MW of on-shore wind power, with multiple electrical vehicles within the residential area. In the neighborhood, additional wind turbines and PV are located together with tidal energy test site and anaerobic digestion units.

Demonstration site goal is to implement Compressed Air Storage (CAES) in order to achieve higher rate of self-sufficiency, cheaper and greener power supply, with additional benefits on socio-economic aspect. Lecale demo leader, B9 Energy group, successfully installed CAES at demonstration site and David Surplus, chairman of the B9 group, posted news on twitter.