Hydrogen Frontiers: Charting the Path to Cost-Effective Energy Transition

June 21, 2024

What: Hydrogen Frontiers: Charting the Path to Cost-Effective Energy Transition

Where: Ljubljana, Slovenia

When: June 18, 2024

On Tuesday, June 18, 2024, two members of our laboratory attended the International Hydrogen Conference in Ljubljana, organized by the members of the Slovenian Association of Energy Engineers CIGRE-CIRED. The conference, moderated by Uroš Kerin, PhD, ELES d.o.o., featured guests from various fields presenting their research, achievements, plans, and challenges in the field of hydrogen technology.

The conference was held in both morning and afternoon sessions. In the morning session, it is worth highlighting the presentation by Biljana Stojkovska, PhD, BP, who spoke about the plans and challenges of integrating hydrogen into the UK grid. Her presentation was divided into three parts: the comprehensive design of the network, consideration of strategic network requirements, and business opportunities and challenges. Her presentation offered a critical view of hydrogen technology from a different perspective, impressing many in the audience. Following her, two other foreign guests, Prof. Katsuhiko Hirose and Prof. Ad van Wijk took the stage. Before the lunch break, Darko Levičar, a representative of Hydrogen Europe, addressed the audience, highlighting the EU’s lag behind China and the USA in hydrogen technologies, as well as Slovenia’s lag behind other European countries. He urged the audience to take a proactive approach in the field of hydrogen technologies.

In the afternoon session, Blaž Močan from Pipistrel spoke first, showcasing the company’s various industrial projects and demonstrating current achievements in hydrogen technology at an industrial level. The conference concluded with a roundtable featuring the following guests:

The participants presented their projects, highlighted key issues in hydrogen technologies, and answered numerous audience questions.