June 18, 2021

What: 1st X-FLEX project review meeting

Where: Online

When: 16th June 2021

After one year and a half since the beginning of project X-FLEX: Our first review meeting was successful!

On Wednesday, June 16th, the X-FLEX consortium met with Project Officer Ms. Mariana Stantcheva and the external reviewer Mr. Jonathan Bates for the first time since the beginning of our project. We presented them with all the achievements and progress made until March 2021. In return, we received their valuable comments and questions. It has helped us gather fresh and pragmatic opinions as well as constructive advice for reducing the risks of compromising the project’s success and enhance the replicability and scalability of our solutions.

Ms. Stantcheva and Mr. Bates, thank you for your support and we are now going back to work with motivation at its fullest, knowing that we are right on track!