The main objective of the Laboratory’s research work is to provide strategic solutions in the field of power system operation and electricity markets. The power sector has not only undergone a serious restructuring, it has also introduced new stakeholders such as power-market regulator, electricity managers, market representatives or traders, and the like. As a result, our studies carefully examine both new and existing electricity market structures and the behaviour of the stakeholders. A number of conference presentations, scientific papers, and lectures on this subject are all a result of our excellent research group and collaboration with our partners.

The research areas of the Laboratory of Energy Policy can be classified into the following sections:

  1. Energy balance evalutation
  2. Electricity-price forecasting
  3. Stohastic occurrences in the power sector
  4. Security of electricity supply assessment
  5. Development of tools and methods for risk management and portfolio management in the electricity market
  6. Bidding strategies in the electricity market

The interdisciplinary knowledge is of crucial importance for the research projects and besides the electrical engineering skills, it is also necessary to master the following fields of science: optimization methods, numerical analysis, artificial neural networks, evolutionary computation, simulation, and economics.

All research work is based on the applicable science in electrical engineering to support the power sector. For this reason we are closely connected to the power industry as apparent from the numerous research projects and studies.


Enhanced artificial neural network inflow forecasting algorithm for run-of-river hydropower plants


The review of market power detection tools in organised electricity markets


A review of business models for small prosumers in a post-RES subsidy and post-priority dispatch world