Jelena Stojković

I was very delighted when I got email saying that I was selected to be one of 20 participants in INCREASE summer school and I should certainly admit – it was an extraordinary experience. During the summer school, we attended lectures taught by high-level scholars from academia as well as experts and practitioners from leading energy companies. It included both theoretical elements and practical training through case studies and simulations. One of my favorites was market simulation exercise since electricity market has just started to develop in Serbia and I wasn’t so familiar with this subject. Participating in this event was unique experience from the academic as well as personal point of view. INCREASE summer school was not only about academic involvement, it gave us opportunity to get to know fellows from different countries and experience different cultures. It contributed to my personal improvement and broadened my horizons. Team from Laboratory of Energy Policy in Ljubljana really did their best to organize this event and my expectations were completely fulfilled.